Let’s face it: we are a little handicapped by money.




I had three jobs at one point, not because I needed them but I wanted to have that cushion. I didn’t want to be living paycheck to paycheck. The fear of that I-could-be-broke-in-3months lifestyle actually outweighed me not having a life at all by working myself into oblivion. I’ve always had that mentality, anxiety and my workaholic tendencies fuel it. It been hard to find that balance when all around us we are inundated with images and ads saying what we need–like the candy that feeds are psyche into talking us into working more so we can afford to do more. It’s a Catch22, but at what expense (no pun intended)? We earn it and then we burn it.  Even when I was growing up, like a lot of kid’s parents, mine fought a lot over moneyBest Stethoscope Reviews 2017. In one instant it’s the heartbeat of America and keeps things flowing and, yet, in another, it is tearing people,  relationships, marriages, and friendships apart. Money is one of the most powerful forces out there–from in the home to political discourse. Through this still shot piece, I wanted to show the visual beauty and almost a blissful awakening of fire being burned through money–what kind of emotional response does it elicit? Whatever it is the viewer feels, it reflects the conscious and subconscious turmoil we as Americans face with it.


Taken at KARE funishings in Miami

My angst with money has become more visible these days as I have been more determined than ever to make it as an artist whilst working under yacht owners who they burn through thousands of dollars on a daily basis. For instance, one of the yacht owners who invented those frozen frenchfries you see in the freezer section–can I not try to make my “Inventions” on paper something as hot as cold potatoes ?  I don’t want a yacht, I just want to be able to pay my rent bill, go get my monthly manicure and hit up my favorite mexican joint every now and then. There are so many things beyond my control but my ability to paint my visions has always been my biggest asset–something money can’t buy the frozen french fry inventor.  That is what compelled me to paint this piece on the notion:  If I can’t make money these days I’m just going to create it…



My dispassion for the fact that we have this invisible ball and chain relationship to our money has caused me to paint a demure portrait of how much I revere it yet at the same time detest it. We burn through (spend) money anyway so you can think of this piece in that way but really I just want to literally burn it at times because of the discourse it has on myself and society as a whole.


Every painstaking detail (60 hours) of working on this dollar bill made me think about how anaware I was of the complexity of money and the disguised web we have entangled ourselves in to it. I was going for a slow disection of the piece for the viewer. Your eyes will either fall to the right or the left side of the piece. Either way, people will resonate with the physical and abstract cycle of money–how we view it, make it, burn it and repeat that very process every day of our lives.


Wynwood, Miami

Some of my scaling was off in the “ONE DOLLAR” phrase and I had extra space to work with so instead of ONE DOLLAR, I changed it to SOME DOLLAR. I am mocking the concept of not just a one dollar but money as a whole by saying “some dollar.” We sometimes puff up money to be more than what it really is in life. This is a message to everybody out there: our lives are shaped by the way we view money which denotes society often building it up beyond its value in the hopes its will make us happier. George Washington also lands on my birthday and since I couldn’t make out the signature on the bottom left side I thought, that looks like a perfect spot to put my……  😉