Here are several of my pieces that are displayed at Blonde, a salon in downtown Seattle right now! I included captions for the stories behind each piece but you can check it all out in my video tour as well. Xo

“WONDER BRED” classic white, All American 🐎💙🐎💛🐎❤️ I have been wanting to create another Wonder Bread piece for awhile now! After selling my last “Wonder Girl ” feat @gigihadid piece I was feeling a void with that collection. I thought up the barbedwire fence after I was finished up with everything else–this is my version of actors improv 😉 This could represent a lot of different sentiments, for me it’s about always wondering what’s outside the walls we put up around ourselves–are they keeping us away from harm or are they keeping us from something better? 🙌🏽 I wonder…
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7 WHATEVER ✋🏼🏳my latest fashion creation piece feat. muse @gigihadid | Acrylic 36″x36″, 2016 | 7/11 was the first gas station I remember as a child and I’ve always thought the green, orange and red color pattern of the 7/11 logo was quite unique–there is no other brand with that color combination I can think of and its just very old school to me. I wanted to bring out that nostalgia combined with my love for infusing fashion into my creations. I was going for an all-american preppy look and added the aviators in later to give it that 70s era style

“A star is nothing without her buck.” Feat.@bellahadid in my latest Starbucks-inspired art. ⭐️✖️⭐️Some people may know by now that Starbucks was named after a character in Moby Dick but what does the name denote? The term star is a feminine term as it shines light and buck (like a male deer) is like a guiding force attracted by the light and at the same time continuing its brilliance. The terminology within Starbucks shows a complementary balance and hence reflects Starbuck’s core values. So when the company first started it was important for them to come up with a consumer product that would subliminally identify and subconsciously attract–across the gender sphere. #coolfacts 🙌🏽

🏁”RUBIX COUTURE” 🏁starring @gigihadid | I have been wanting to do something with a rubix cube for a long time and integrating it with my love for fashion & #gigihadid I came up with this. Much like Rubix Cubes us women are colorful and not many men can figure out our code😊 #rubixcube

A COLORFUL DARKNESS. “I don’t want to be rich, I just want to be wonderful” -MarilynMonroe (my favorite quote by her and side inspiration for this piece). I ❤️💛💙✖️ White, classic. all-American. She was our original sliced bread, a household name. Everyone ate up her aura and sensuality but little did they know the vacancy in her heart. Somehow she kept that wonderful glint in her eye to keep wooing the public then and still today… 🙌🏽 Message me if you would like a print! Also I am available to do commissions: