A Quick Historical Perspective

“Rome might have ruled the world but women ruled Rome.” –a common catchphrase during the fall of the Roman Empire.

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To really understand feminism in America now is to first examine its place in history. It is not a novel concept. At the end of every empire under the guise of progressive reform, armies and organizations appear and consume the heritage of the previous super power often from within which is exactly what feminism is doing to the American people and our social constructs today. In his essay “The Fate of Empires” the soldier, diplomat and traveler Lieutenant-General Sir John Glubb analyzed the lifecycle of empires like the Roman, Turkish and Arabian just to name a few. He found remarkable similarities between them all. An empire lasts about 250 years or 10 generations–from the early pioneers to the ending consumers who become a burden on the state. 6 ages define the lifespan of an empire.
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The age of Pioneers
The age of Conquests
The age of Commerce
The age of Affluence
The age of Intellect
The Age of Decadence
We signed our Declaration of Independence 241 years ago and we are no doubt living in this Age of Decadence that sarted revealing itself through The Baby Boomer Generation back in the 50s. There are common features to every Age of Decadence: an undisciplined and over-extended military, the conspicuous display of wealth, massive disparity between wealth and poor, a desire to live off of a bloated state, and an obsession with sex. Glubb interestingly noted a correlation of hyper-female influence on society with the height and subsequent sharp fall of Empires. With the congregation of music concerts and athletic sporting events, celebrities are becoming our idols. The extreme worship of a variety of things in our culture is displayed right here in Stage 6. As one narrator explains it from the 2010 documentary The Four Horsemen:

“This again is typifying the end of an empire where things are so great we have this last hurrah of moment that we used to be great, and we felt great and we don’t feel it anymore so everyone is out searching for it–well maybe it is in the best food, best music, best clothes, best reality tv shows or whatever but you can never get enough of what you don’t need. What you need is a strong moral conviction that is pervasive throughout the society ..and integrity reigns.”

He is hinting to the fact that we are disregarding our foundation and Supreme Authority: the Bible and God, respectively. A rise in disbelief in a higher power or just lack of regard for one is synonymous with moral decline as we incline towards a socialist state. Look no further than the dark spirtual climate of Russia and it is no wonder that American feminism comes from the church of Marxist ideology.  Therefore, I believe this movement encapsulated in “The Future Is Female” tee is a celebration of freedom from moral constraints rather than celebrating feminine virtue the way God made us and the way men should preserve and honor that.

The liberal mainstream culture of women, having put up this masculine fight for decades, has fallen off the bandwagon and into the ditch. ppsspp games list
We see that in our society today with how feminism has declared war on Christian constructs by making a mockery of male headship in society stemming from BOTH men and women’s disregard for Supreme Authority in the Age of Decadence. In one of his essays relating to this cultural shift, here is what theologian Albert Moehler states:

“When people believe, they are making a choice to believe that previous generations did not make. Belief is now a provisional choice, an exercise of personal autonomy. In three hundred years, Western intellectual conditions have moved from an impossibility of unbelief to an impossibility of belief.”

Ask every other girl or guy off the street today what they believe and they will probably say “Well I’m spiritual” and don’t have an understanding of who they answer to at the end of the day. This reflects a significant percentage yet, not all, of the core nuclear family of baby boomers and Gen-Y who did not carry with them to adulthood the religious backbone that so many generations had before them.

Philosophers from the Enlightment and Age of Reason led to this moral relativism, undermining Supreme Authority in the Bible (i.e. Absolute Truth), thus, replacing Him with eastern mysticism and other New Age practices. It’s this middle way, truth-is-relative “to each their own” culture we live in–a reflection of our inner souls in 20th and 21st progressive America on the outset of its former glory.