Will the REAL Seattle Mariners please stand up: The annual Pacific Marine Expo is the largest commercial marine trade show on the West Coast, serving commercial mariners from Alaska to California! My family has been attending this for DECADES. I remember my dad won the Fisherman of the Year award in 1999, too–they have you sew seine while you are blindfolded! My siblings and I were back in Mukilteo with a babysitter that day but I remember them coming home pretty happy! Below, is a photo of him from the late ’80s (most likely prepping for his $100 Fish Expo Prize victory 10 years later).




 It was such an honor to be displaying my seafood art here at CenturyLink Field this year and giving back to my community I grew up in! Here is a photo of me in Homer a couple years ago with my favorite King of the sea and inspiration for my art–king salmon, of course. Read my National Fisherman’s article I did on my family’s  fishing legacy so you can have a backdrop of what brought me to the expo and why I was so inspired to do this art piece:)

I was there on Saturday for a meet and greet with all salmon poster print sales benefiting Seattle Fishermen’s Memorial Fund. If you were unable to make it and want to buy a print that’s no problem–email me at whitneylaurelanderson@gmail.com



Most typical conversation I had there? This one:

“Oh I know Dean–he’s the best fisherman in Alaska!”

-After I tell these dudes I survived childhood fishing with my crazy father and then they learn his name 

It was great repping the Anderson fishing clan this year (they couldnt make it) and soaking up all these compliments for my Dad.haha However, I did have other relatives there, like my Uncle Jim and Aunt Rhonda who own Kruzof Fisheries in Alaska and friends that go back with my family +20 years–commercial fishing is a small world.

15055597_1303315919706840_1673428313820415355_n-1I want to give a huge thanks to National Fisherman Magazine and Pacific Marine Expo for the amazing display and coverage of not just my art but my heritage for all of the industry to be inspired by and my appreciation of all of the active hard-working fishermen out there who contribute to America in such profound ways. Growing up in this environment has made me who I am as an artist and a person. I wouldn’t trade the world for the life lessons, grueling hard work and humbling experiences of working on a commercial fishing boat since the age of 9. Though I have retired from the inner scene, I hope to continue giving back to it through my art creations wherever they take me next!14563513_1304823082889457_3629881445648671102_n-1Gee whiz, way to make a girl blush!☺️ was not expecting to be on the cover today! So happy…






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See ya next year!15078540_10101661476459664_2197684814500343522_n