I have found in life that the greatest reality is an idealistic individual thriving in a world they’ve created for themselves…


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…But it hasn’t been easy.

No matter what field you enter into as an entreprenuer you are essentially an artist painting your dreams on this canvas called life. And in that field you enter into,  you encounter a deserted baseball diamond with no players. It’s just you and your “Wilson”: that inner force that somehow keeps you motivated with an ongoing dialogue between the person you are now and the person you want to become. It’s a lonely, yet beautiful place where your mind blooms–there are no distractions to wilt you down. You will pitch, you will bat, you will catch–regardless of experience, you will play all of these roles in the beginning because you are passionate in the pursuit. You play here day and night, sometimes a crowd shows up to cheer you on through the fence. Other times, there is no crowd but the sound of the trees rustling and wind whispering keep going keep going 

I’ve been playing on that diamond my whole life, actually. It’s taken me to many places over the years but I never knew it would take me here.

People: “But you’re from Alaska, how did you end up in Florida?”

Get comfortable.

Alaska is the last frontier where I came from–a 180 from this tropical metropolis of south Florida where I live in now. Living in such a completely different atmosphere makes me appreciate where I came from and understand the reasons why I left. When you look back on life, you like to see where you have taken yourself–was it in line with your original plan?  Mine was not. It has definitley made me think differently about my goals because in this day and age we live a life that is very predictable yet very unpredictable at the same time. That is why I have focused more on “mentality” goals because having the right attitude in life is the closest thing we have control over. This is why….

I spend a lot of time in my head

My mind is  involuntarily tuned in to the most mundane parts of life which is why alot of times I will come up with ideas out of thin air. I could go to the gas station or grocery store and come back to my house with a life-changing realization or new art concept.  Wilson popped into my head as I was thinking about this blog and needed a dynamic prop to complement the nostalgia I had going on with my vintage Alaskan pullover. It seemed a perfect companion to ending up in a place that I had no intention of ending up. Also, it was an ode to motivation and survival. If you have seen or remember the movie Castaway, Tom Hanks depended on this ball to inspire his mindset when all seemed hopeless around him–it was all he had to get him through. Sometimes I feel like that baseball field mindset is a lonely island even though I am surrounded with great friends and family. At the end of the day it’s still just you and this intangible thing that moves you forward.

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Growing up, I’ve always been surrounded by my imagination–God gave me not just a want but need to create my own dream world here on earth. I’ve accomplished more things in my idealic state of mind than in my realistic–which, has also been the reason I struggled on school assignments, got layed off from a couple jobs, and have not been the most practical dater at times (thank you, guys *does curtsey*). So, it has its drawbacks but I’m still standing and I’ve created beauty out of all of my circumstances through it–like being a dedicated athlete most of my life, graduating from Duke University, starting my own business. It has made me the dynamic person I am today.

Becoming a yacht stewardess is what brought me to Florida but there is so much behind that story. If you are friends with me you know how horrible I am at giving simple one-word answers to things–even if its a Yes Or No Question I will give you a speech “Well, here are my thoughts…”  So, when people ask me how I got to Florida I think in a series of events that led up to it and I would like each of those events to shine in their own way. So, in the next few blogs of 2016 I will talk about some major facets of my life that ultimately brought me to where I am geographically and careerwise.

Reality is wrong, dreams are for real -Tupac